How does Ankle
Monitoring work?
When you are placed under monitoring by a judge, generally you
are required to wear an ankle monitor, also known as an ankle
bracelet, or tether, at all times. Ankle monitors are commonly
used for house arrest situations, as well as for other types of
legal rulings, and they have been used for many years.

There are several different models of ankle monitors, but most
work in essentially the same way. They are electronic devices
that are attached around your ankle. They are designed to be
tamper-resistant, waterproof and must be worn at all times. The
device uses a radio frequency or cellular to communicate back to
a monitoring station. If the device is tampered with or removed,
authorities will be alerted. In addition, it may be programmed to
limit your movement or roaming into or from certain areas, and
alerts the monitoring station if you go outside or into a permitted

Others may have alcohol or illegal drug monitoring functions, and
they may be used to alert authorities if you consume alcohol or
ingest drugs. The Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or
SCRAM, is a common alcohol monitor. These special features of
advanced monitoring devices allow authorities to ensure that you
comply with the terms of your monitoring while enabling you to
enjoy the privacy and limited freedom in your community.

If you have been required to wear an ankle bracelet by the court,
it is important that you listen to the usage requirements and rules.
When you fail to follow the rules, such as if you step outside of
the perimeter or take the device off, authorities will be dispatched
to return you to custody for violation of the agreement, and this
will result in legal consequences.