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Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do I need an ankle monitor?

Ankle Monitors are commonly used to help lower bond amounts in cases when there may be multiple offenses, no bond granted, or when special no-contact conditions exist. A judge may be more willing to grant bond if the defendant is monitored.

GPS monitoring may also be required as  a part of some sentences.

  1. How do I go about getting myself/loved one an ankle monitor?

Simply contact our office at 770-716-9889 to speak with an agent. Our professional agents at Brewer Ankle Monitoring will be able to answer questions specifically regarding you or your loved one’s individual situation.


  1. How much does monitoring cost?

Monitoring is payable monthly and is determined on a case by case basis depending on what your bond or sentencing requires.


  1. Does needing an ankle monitor require me to use my property?

No, in most cases you can go through a professional bonding company. Our affiliate company Better Bonding will be happy to help you with the bond. We even offer discounted monitoring rates if release is secured through Better Bonding Company.


  1. Can I put my ankle monitor in water?

No, we strongly advise you not to submerge your device in water. Showers are ok. No pools, lakes, ocean, or hot tubs, etc.


  1. My attorney isn’t able to answer my questions, what can I do?

Provide our contact information 770-716-9889, to your attorney and simply have them call us.


  1. I am an attorney and would like to know what services you provide.

We encourage you to contact our office directly at 770-716-9889, so that our veteran team may best advise you on your individual circumstances on a per case basis.

  1. My monitoring order says that I am required to provide monthly reports to the district attorney’s office. Can B.A.M. do this?

Yes! Our software and monitoring devices allow for various detailed types of reports that can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of any order. We have a strong reputable relationship with the district attorney’s offices in the areas that we serve. Our experienced staff will work closely with you and your attorney to make sure you stay in compliance with your specific conditions so that you may remain free of incarceration.

  1. I’m currently wearing an ankle monitor from another company and having issues. Is it possible to change to B.A.M.?

Yes! We have helped several clients when they feel  they are in a situation where their monitoring may not be satisfactory to the court and feel they are at risk of violating the court’s order.



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